Case Studies*

Will I outlive my investments, or will they outlive me?

Ginny Smith is a partner in a major law firm with over $400,000 in gross annual income.  At age 60, she has spent 30 years with the same firm accumulating multiple pockets of investments held and managed by the firm.  Ginny relies on the firm to reallocate assets within 401(k) and IRAs as necessary. 

Ginny recently came to Wealth Strategy Partners for a comprehensive financial profile that provides long-term projections of cash inflow and outflow.  She now has a clearer picture of where she stands financially.


Can I maintain my standard of living after my divorce?

Eleanor and her husband separated a year ago and spent the year working with their attorneys on structuring a property settlement.  After the terms of the settlement were drafted, Eleanor’s attorney indicated he has not seen alimony payments of this amount in prior settlements.

Eleanor came to Wealth Strategy Partners to have us review the numbers.  Our experience with clients facing divorce enabled us to quickly review the numbers and help her determine whether or not the spousal payments offered will be sufficient to cover her expenses so she can maintain her standard of living after the divorce.


Will we be able to retire comfortably?

Mary and Jeff are “Baby Boomers” that have accumulated enough that they believe they will have a comfortable retirement.   Though they have worked out funding solutions for long-term care, they had not considered all of the possible scenarios.

At Wealth Strategy Partners we work with clients like Mary and Jeff to ensure that their financial strategy is appropriate and suitable for them and their situation, and present alternative approaches if they make more sense. 


I am concerned about estate taxes.

Jane is 65, in good health and is a widowed mother of one son.  With significant wealth, Jane is very concerned about the impact estate taxes are going to have when she dies.

We worked with Jane to examine all of her available options to protect her estate and helped her find an approach that was right for her.


After years of Medical School, how do I plan my financial future?

Charles has been at medical school for over eight years. He learned how to become a successful physician and save lives, but did not have the time to learn how to manage his six-figure paycheck and manage his financial future.

Charles came to Wealth Strategy Partners and asked us to advise him on how he should manage his finances and make his money work for him. We provided him with the knowledge to help ensure he can make the right financial investments/decisions for his situation and protect himself against potential future mistakes.



*These case studies are presented to illustrate the wide variety of scenarios that we at Wealth Strategy Partners are able to address with our clients and are not intended to predict or guarantee any particular outcome or client experience. All client names shown are fictitious. AXA Advisors, AXA Network and Wealth Strategy Partners do not provide tax, accounting or legal advice or services, and you should consult your own tax and legal advisors regarding your particular circumstances.